Angle mixers


Angle mixers are modern devices with an exceptionally durable mixer drive mechanism for the most demanding types of dough. Individual mixing U-shaped tool allows for precise and gentle mixing and was special designed for dough with higher consistency of rye flour. Selection of the right speed for the first and second speed gives possibility to adapt angle mixer to the dough.

An unique shape of the mixer guarantees smooth and accurate mixing of ingredients.

Machines equipped as standard with a scraper cleaning the bowl.

Possible adjustment of rotations by a technologist at the first and second speed – an individual selection of dough mixing speed.

Bodies of spiral mixers with fixed bowl are made of varnished steel. On request, we deliver bodies of stainless steel.

The machines are manufactured in accordance with the applicable UE regulations and the latest occupational health and safety standards.

Additional, independent emergency control in the event of electronic system failure.

Silent operation of the machine owing to belt transmissions.

A standard stainless steel electric box.

A clear and intuitive control panel, LED backlight of the bowl and precise temperature measurement.

With individual selection of mixer rotations at the first and second speed, angle mixers can be adopted to dough. Thus, it is possible to recreate recipes of our grandparents.

With an inverter installed in each model, the devices can be used for different purposes in the baking and pastry industries.

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