Donuts fryer


Electrical donuts fryers  are made of high quality stainless steel, which guarantees durability of the product, the highest standards of hygiene and easy cleaning. The bowl insulation makes the devices highly energy-efficient and allows  to keep the high oil temperature with minimal energy consumption.

The additional safety thermostat prevents from overheating the device, in the event of damage to the control elements.

The devices are used in confectioneries, bakeries, restaurants and hotel kitchens. They are perfect for frying e.g. fish and other products that require preparation in oil.



  • 2 donut frying screens with handles,
  • removable heaters all in a control panel,
  • frying tank,
  • oil drain – ball valve,
  • stand with shelves for frying screens,
  • drain tray is also at the same time the cover of a fryer.


Model S-80 S-100
Power kW 7,5 9
Inside width of frying tank mm 618 618
Inside length of frying tank mm 840 1040
Inside height of frying tank mm 145 145
Width mm 665 665
Lenght mm 1027 1227
Length with open cover mm 1797 2193
Height mm 980 980
Height with open cover mm 1115 1154