Heat recovery means the consistent use of heat energy from the baking oven. In each oven and thermo-oil boiler, the exhaust gas is produced at approximately 300°C as a result of normal operation. These flue gases, together with the contained heat energy, are sent to the atmosphere through the chimney. The way to stop the irretrievably lost heat is to install a heat exchanger in the chimney flue of the oven. Thanks to this device, we are able to recover most of the waste heat from exhaust gases, which is then transferred to the heating system of the bakery in order to support the heating of utility water or central heating. The Ecobox is able to significantly reduce the energy demand of the plant. Savings in energy consumption range from 25 to 30%.

Advantages of the heat exchanger:
• simple automation ensuring failure-free operation
• BYPASS function (the possibility of directing exhaust gases directly to the chimney)
• free heating of utility and technological water
• central heating can be connected
• saving of electricity when connecting hot water to the washer
• simple assembly without complicated modifications
• quick reimbursement of installation costs
• very good influance on the chimney draft
• building only one chimney from the bakery

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