Loading and unloading systems


Loading and unloading systems produced by IBIS allow for economical production, because they relieve the most difficult stage of production, which is the loading and unloading of the ovens. The advantage of loading systems is to increase baking efficiency by shortening the oven loading and unloading process, and eliminating the lifting of heavy loads by personnel.
SM – loading and unloading done without use of engine – by operator

SPA – the operator collect the dough from the docking station by use of the device. After baking process, the bread is placed on the docking carts.

SA – the device uses one shelf to collect the dough from a proofing trolley, transfer and unload it in the oven. After baking, the device unloads finished products (bread, rolls) from the oven and puts them in a trolley to cool.

SFA – loading, unloading and baking processes are fully automatic and are controlled from the level of the touch control panel with the possibility of coding of programs.

System is equipped with feeding table, automatic vacuum cleaner, bread sprinkling station and receiving conveyor with table.

The universal design gives the possibility to adapt to all types of ovens.

Simple controls and safeguards form the basis for safe operation.

The maximum use of the oven baking surface due to accurate and parallel loading.

Increasing production efficiency by shortening the loading and unloading process and at the same time eliminating the need to carry heavy loading systems.

The possibility of working on several ovens at the same time.

Reliable and simple design guarantees work without production stoppages.

Loading and unloading thermal oil ovens

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