Cuocicrema – Cream Cookers


Cream cookers manufactured by IBIS are ideal machines for all-round pastry and bakery production. The devices are also used in catering facilities, hotel kitchens or restaurants and wherever preparation, mixing, cooking and storage of ingredients is required. The stainless steel mixing tool with special shape is equipped with scrappers cleaning both the bowl sidewall and bottom. Additionally, exact matching of mixing tool and the scrappers with the bowl guarantees ideal mixing of bowl content without possibility of burning.

Heating of ingredients is carried out on the basis of BAIN-MARIE, which gives the possibility of both accurate temperature control and even heat distribution. Thermal oil heated to the temperature set by the
operator ensures even heating of the bowl content. The double tank in which the oil is located is made of highquality INOX stainless steel. Machine operation is very easy and comfortable. The inverter that controls the engine operation is responsible for the smooth regulation of the mixing tool’s rotation, while the digital temperature controller enables the regulation and reading of temperature. Content of the bowl can be heated up to a maximum temperature of 150°C. It is possible to work with disabled oil heating function, then the devices are perfectly suited as mixers e.g. stuffings. The mechanizm of tilting the bowl makes it easier to pour the content into the bowl and to clean the machine. The bowl lid and built-in hopper simplifies control of the process and addmixing ingredients during operation. It is possible to install a drain valve at the bottom of the bowl in order to facilitate the dosing or pouring mass process.

  • Smooth speed control of the mixing tool (inverter)
  • Digital temperature controller – Maximal temperature up to 150°C
  • Double bowl made of high quality stainless INOX steel
  • Clear and easy to use control panel
  • Machine body in white
  • Machine body in stainless steel (option)
  • All elements coming in direct contact with food are made of high quality acid-proof steel
  • Comportable operation thanks to tilting bowl which makes it easier to remove the content and clean the machine
  • Bowl lid with the built-in hopper for monitoring of the process and for addmixing ingredients during operation
  • Mixing tool equipped with scrappers which clean bottom and side of the bowl
  • A drain valve installed at the bottom of the bowl (option)

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