Proofing chambers


CLIMA proofing chamber are designed for operation with each type of an oven. We deliver custom proofing chambers, also with additional evaporating units in baking ovens.
The door and walls are made of high-grade stainless steel, both inside and outside, ensuring perfect insulation owing to materials of excellent insulating properties. As a standard, proofing chamber are equipped with LED lighting, a closing mechanism and a brush of proper stiffness for insulation between the door and floor.
At the request of a customer, the chambers can be fitted with stoppers on the walls and door. A control panel installed on the chamber door is clear and user-friendly and allows for adjustment and control of humidity and temperature.
A unit containing an electrode steam generator and heating elements is located inside the chamber. It works automatically and once set it maintains humidity and temperature parameters with great accuracy.
The steam generator features an innovative method of steam generation by special electrodes immersed in water, thus eliminating traditional heaters. The system guarantees faultless operation and eliminates the risk of electrode burnout. Furthermore, the steam generator is resistant to scale precipitating out of water when boiling.

We manufacture proofing chambers with a clima unit outside the chamber. With this solution, it is possible not only to maintain set parameters across the entire volume of the proofer at a constant level but also to make the most of its space.
Steam is evenly distributed by vents situated in the bottom part of the proofer. Airflow is forced with a turbine located on the proofer roof. Air is sucked with the central drafting panel in the ceiling.

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