Spiral mixers with fixed bowl 120 – 250


Spiral mixers with fixed bowl are indispensable in bakeries, pizzerias, restaurants, bars and hotel kitchens. They are perfect for mixing, blending and kneading dough.

Small dimensions make them an excellent choice for smaller bakeries.

Miesiarki spiralne z dzieżą stałą są niezastąpione w piekarniach, pizzeriach, restauracjach, barach, kuchniach hotelowych.

Applied structural solutions ensure intensive and efficient mixing of dough and the best technological parameters of the same through perfect aeration and raising with accurate ingredient mixing.

Możliwość przygotowania wszystkich rodzajów ciast: pszennych, mieszanych oraz żytnich.

Possible adjustment of rotations by a technologist at the first and second speed.

An individual selection of dough mixing speed.

A intuitive control panel, LED backlight of the bowl and precise temperature measurement.

Additional, independent emergency control in the event of electronic system failure.

Even mixing of all dough ingredients, even at small quantities, not exceeding 5% of the bowl capacity.

Silent operation of the machine owing to belt transmissions.

A standard stainless steel electric box.

Bodies of spiral mixers with fixed bowl are made of varnished steel. On request, we deliver bodies of stainless steel.

The machines are manufactured in accordance with the applicable CE regulations, while keeping the latest occupational health and safety standards.

With an inverter installed in each model, the devices can be used for different purposes in the baking and pastry industries.

Model MST 120 MST 180 MST 250
Bowl capacity dm3 120 180 250
Dough amount max / min kg 80 / 5 120 / 10 150 / 10
Flour amount kg 50 75 90
Mixer rotations, 1st speed rpm 70 – 120 70 – 120 70 – 120
Mixer rotations, 2nd speed rpm 160 – 220 160 – 220 160 – 220
Power kW 4,6 6,3 8,6
Width mm 786 887 982
Length mm 1206 1300 1390
Height mm 1376 1362 1440

We offer 3 operating modes – 6 mixing speed levels in total.

Type of dough Rye Mixed Wheat
1st speed rpm 40 60 100
2nd speed rpm 100 160 220