Thermal oil deck ovens


Thermal oil deck ovens are designed for heavy duty operations. The manufacturing technology and top quality materials ensure their long service life. The structure guarantees equal distribution of temperature on the shelf since oil (a heat carrier) is constantly fed by the pump. The oven is equipped with a modern computer-based system which provides continuous monitoring of machine operation. The heating surface of the oven consists of high-temperature-resistance pipes which are arranged in two cylindrical spirals. The pipes are laid in such a way that optimal burning conditions can be achieved at minimum load of the heating surface. As a standard, each model is fitted with an additional steam generator for the proofing chamber.

Oven operation on two segments with the MONO-DUO SYSTEM. Nowadays production flexibility is essential to be competitive. You must be able to produce simultaneously different ranges of products, optimizing costs and production time. Working in the DUO system enables simultaneous baking at two different temperatures, the difference of which can be even 100°C.

Maximum baking surface with a small footprint design.

Minimum gas, oil or pellet consumption.

Excellent quality and equal baking results.

High heat accumulation, quick heating of the oven.

Perfect for automatic loading systems.

Clear and user-friendly 7” control panel.

High performance evaporation system.

Oven operation on two segments with the mono-due system.

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