Thermal oil ovens with trolleys


IBIS rack ovens are provided for bakers who require top quality of baked products. These are the most universal ovens available on the baking market. First of all, they are characterised by exceptional performance and user-friendliness with automatic loading and unloading operations.
Like in thermal oil deck ovens, thermal oil heated up to the required temperature serves as a heating medium which is constantly fed by the pump. Thermal oil ovens with trolleys can be equipped with ceramic plates, which gives an outstanding technical engineering combining tradition with the present. Slight heat radiation with fan assisted oven design guarantee excellent baking quality. The ovens feature modern and functional computer control in Polish.

Ovens combine the advantages of rotary ovens with baking options of thermal oil deck ovens.

Minimum gas, oil or pellet consumption due to high heat accumulation and quick heating of the oven.

Clear and user-friendly 7” control panel.

Maximum baking surface with a small footprint design.

Baking chamber made entirely of stainless steel; minimal maintenance as there is no moving parts inside.

High efficient evaporation system.

Slight heat radiation and hot air ensure perfect quality of baking.

Quick heating time allows you for quick baking products batch by batch.

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