Electric in-store deck ovens

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Electric in-store deck ovens

IBIS electric in-store ovens are perfect for confectioneries, bakeries and shops. In-store baking ovens are equipped with an automatic mechanism for opening and closing the chimneys, the operation of which is controlled directly from the control panel. The advantage of this solution is the convenience and comfort of service by the salesperson.

With a modular design of electric ovens, customers are able to freely configure them and equip with a hood, rack for trays, proofing cabinet or base.

In-store ovens can have 1 to 6 independent baking chambers of different capacities. Any time, ovens can be upgraded with another modules. As a standard, the control panel is located on the left side of the oven. The chambers are 170 mm high. At the customer’s request, it is possible to increase the baking chamber height (23 or 27 cm) and change the oven layout by moving the control panel to the right side.

Each baking chamber is an independent unit and has steam generator and control panel, thus temperature of the bottom and top heaters is adjusted separately for each deck. The advantage of such a solution is the possibility of baking various products at the same time. What’s more, in the case of a small assortment production, only the number of modules that is needed at a given moment is used.

Thanks to the tailored steaming system and the regulation of the heating power of the lower and upper parts of each chamber of the in-store oven, we always get perfect baking results. The highest quality equipment consists of several elements. The steaming system instantly turns water into steam, and this is pumped under high pressure into the proofing chamber, creating the perfect climate for baking an equal type of assortment.

The user-friendly interface of the intuitive and versatile control panel guarantees comfortable use, programming and monitoring of oven operation. Up to 20 programmes can be saved in the panel, each with max 3 phases (a function of three-stage baking). Any incorrect parameters or interferences are indicated by sound signals and error codes. The oven temperature adjustment range is 0-270ºC. Additionally, the control panel is very accurate and reliable which is ensured by the function of automatic tuning – PID.

Double halogen lighting of the baking chamber provides a whiter and more intense light than standard bulbs, which are less resistant to high temperatures and much more susceptible to damage.

  • The modular structure of the oven, from 1 to 6 independent chambers.
  • Automatic mechanism for opening and closing chimneys.
  • Perfect baking conditions.
  • Simple, intuitive operation and a comprehensive control panel.
  • Convenience and comfort of use.
  • GTouch – touch control panel (option).

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