Spiral mixers with fixed bowl 45 – 80

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Spiral mixers with fixed bowl 45 – 80

Spiral mixers with fixed bowl are perfect for mixing, blending and kneading dough. They are indispendable in bakeries, pizzerias, restaurants, bars and hotel kitchens. Even for mixing all of dough ingredients and small amounts not exceeding 5% of the bowl capacity. Small dimensions make them an excellent choice for small bakeries and confectionaries.

Mixers with a fixed bowl have a body made of varnished steel and a fixed bowl, spiral and dough guide bar made of acid-resistant steel. Due to the applied technological solutions, the mixers with a fixed bowl work quietly and energy-saving. They have a compact housing and a clear and easy-to-use control panel.

  • Possible adjustment of rotations by technologist at the first and second speed.
  • Smooth change of rotations.
  • Automatic stop after lifting the bowl lid.
  • Silent operation of the machine owing to belt transmissions.
  • An intuitive control panel.
  • LED backlight of the bowl and precise temperature measurement.

Realizations Spiral mixers with fixed bowl

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