Thermal oil deck ovens

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Thermal oil deck ovens

Thermal oil deck ovens are designed for heavy duty operations. The manufacturing technology and top quality materials ensure their long service life. The structure guarantees equal distribution of temperature on the heating panels since oil (a heat carrier) is constantly fed by the pump. The oven is equipped with a modern computer-based system which provides continuous monitoring of machine operation.

  • Maximum baking surface one the minimum plant area.
  • Low gas, oil or pellet consumption due to high heat accumulation and quick heating of the oven.
  • Excellent quality and equal baking results.
  • Clear and user-friendly 10” control panel.
  • Perfect ovens for automatic loading system.
  • High performance evaporation system.
  • Additional steam generator for the proofing chamber (option).
  • Oven operation on two segments with MONO-DUO SYSTEM (option).

Thermal oil deck ovens

Thermo-oil deck ovens are suitable for baking a wide range of bakery and confectionery products due to the perfect uniformity and quality of baking as well as temperature stability.
Thermo-oil systems manufactured by IBIS are characterized by a short time of readiness to operation. The heating-up time for the oven with a baking surface of 27m² from the temperature of 25°C to 250°C does not exceed 30 minutes. The properties of synthetic oil and the applied thick thermal insulation allow for the accumulation of large amounts of energy. This feature contributes to the fact that thermo-oil ovens lose their temperature very slowly after baking.

The temperature drop with the oven off is <10°C per hour of standstill. Extremely short heating time allows for quick baking of products batch by batch and excellent baking quality. The construction of the oven guarantees its longevity, but most of all allows it to work 24 hours a day.

Thermo-oil ovens are famous for their very efficient steamers with a unique design, which are able to provide up to 15kg of steam on board per hour of operation, i.e. up to 7.5kg per one chamber per baking.

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The deck thermo oil oven can be built on the basis of two sections, based on the principle of the thermal oil double circulation system. In practice, this makes it possible to simultaneously bake various assortments in one oven.

In a six-chamber oven divided into two segments, in the lower segment (3 decks), you can bake bread at a temperature of, for example, 250oC, and in the three upper chambers, rolls at a temperature of, for example, 215oC.


Thermal oil deck ovens

Thermo-oil ovens designed to intensive use are an ideal solution for craft, large and industrial bakeries. They are dedicated to bakers requiring the highest quality baking. The production technology and the highest quality materials ensure their long service life, while generating significant energy savings. Ovens occupy a small area in a bakery in relation to their baking area. The oven design ensures the same temperature distribution in the heating plates, because the thermal oil (heat carrier) is constantly pressed by the pump with a magnetic seal. The heating technology used and the oven’s construction guarantee even baking and ensures repeatability of baking for the baker. Thermo-oil ovens are equipped with a modern computer-based control system that constantly monitors the proper operation of the devices.

The principle of heating is similar to the central heating system used in residential construction (central boiler with a network of pipes and radiators), with the difference that the heat transfer fluid (heating medium) is not water, but synthetic oil with high heat capacity. The boiler is a complete unit, consisting of a heat exchanger, burner, circulation pump, electrical control and all sensors and regulators necessary for operation and safety. The heating surface of the boiler consists of pipes resistant to high temperatures, arranged in two cylindrical coils. The tube bundle is arranged in such a way that optimal combustion conditions can be achieved with a minimum load on the heating surface.

The energy generated during combustion at the burner level is transferred to the heat carrier in the coil (located in the center of the boiler) and then pumped to the oven. In the baking process, the difference between the temperature of the heating medium and the baking temperature is very important. In IBIS deck thermal oil ovens it is only 25°C. The temperature is always stable – there is no decrease in the thermal effect. Excellent baking results are achieved thanks to the high accumulation and excellent heat transfer.


The thermo-oil technology makes it possible to combine several ovens with one boiler fired with a gas, oil or pellet burner. The boiler can be placed in the basement, warehouse or garage, just where there is space. Additionaly, due to the use of only one burner in the thermo-oil system, only one flue gas chimney is required in the bakery.

Sample of the oven’s combinations:
– two thermal-oil deck ovens 18m² + boiler 300kW
– two thermal-oil trolley ovens PW82.9 + boiler 160kW
– thermal-oil deck oven 22m² + thermal-oil trolley oven PW103.9 + boiler 300kW


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