ATLAS system for large and industrial bakeries

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ATLAS system for large and industrial bakeries

ATLAS – a modern system for loading and unloading bakery ovens
The ATLAS loading and unloading system and IBIS thermal oil ovens guarantee the economy of production, while maintaining the highest quality and even baking results. Owners of artisanal bakeries are facing the problems of “missing hands to work”, the need to reduce costs and constantly raise labor standards. The quality of the bread and the efficiency of the production remain also key factors. Polish manufacturer of bakery machines and ovens - IBIS - answered to all these issues by lounching on the market the ATLAS loading and unloading system designed to fit a modern bakery. Keep in mind that automating your bakery doesn't mean you give up artisanal production.

No more carrying heavy setters and unloading with shovels

Manual loading requires physical brawn. The constant lifting of setters can cause back pain and other injuries resulting from overloads of the musculoskeletal system. The ATLAS loading and unloading system takes over the hardest physical work and at the same time relieves the employees. For the operation of set consisting of two PKT 6.270 ovens with a total baking area of 54 m2 and the ATLAS system, only one operator is required who is responsible for timely placing the trolleys with side setters in the docking station.

Loading and unloading is automatic and takes a very short time, with an accuracy of one second. Only the thermal oil ovens (due to their construction) allow baking batch after batch for 24 hours while maintaining a unique baking atmosphere and equal baking. Fast loading and unloading guarantees less cooling of the ovens, while in continuous production, it reduces the production time of bread by up to 20%.

Siemens automation guarantees reliability and continuity of work. The strength of IBIS ATLAS system are servo drives with outstanding performance and reliability in operation. They are used wherever positioning, dynamics of movement and the need for precise control are the key elements.


  • The universal design gives the possibility to adapt to all types of ovens.
  • The maximum use of the oven baking surface due to accurate and parallel loading.
  • Possibility to work on several ovens at the same time.
  • Reliable and simple design guarantees work without production stoppages.
  • Increasing production efficiency by shortening the loading and unloading process and at the same time eliminating the need to carry heavy loading setters.
  • Simple controls and safeguards form the basis for safe operation.

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